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Chief-of-Clinic, Gastro-Intestinal Department, Jefferson
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DUXBAR, Franklin A., resid., 14 Highland St.; office, 36 Xorth
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shown in puerperal women, who often prior to delivery have varicose veins as
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quinine alone has proved of no avail. It is apt to cause cystitis.
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From the Annual Summary (London and other great towns) 1890, issued by the Kegistrar-General.
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a considerable functional result is possible. Points of attachment
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is usually warm, rather than hot, and with a disposition to moisture ;
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condition of things. Still, gentlemen, we may not have thus learned
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in its use. Fleischmann, of Prague, reports a fatal
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more attentive to the diseases of infants, they would not only
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1857 a. — Kvste hydatique sous-cutane du bras <Monit. d. hop., Par., v. 5 (65),
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