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tive centers are affected and nausea and vomiting occur; in others, the

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mated that 30 to 40 cc. of the anti-human hemolytic immune serum,

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or preserve the health of the germ-cells in the bodies of the parents,

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ing which follows, or may exist independent of an abscess, is com-

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' Med. Times and Gaz., .■\ugust 19. 1871. p. 218.

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tained in the bladder as a result of inflammation would

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In Atlanta, Ga., Los Angeles, Calif., and Springfield, 111., there is a

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of Chichester ; he leaves one daughter and four sons, one


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A distinct haematological entity. Br J Haematol 32:1-7, 1976.

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much relief to the patient. Two hours later a second movement occurred :

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An article on steamed food for stock lately appeared in the col-

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the information thus obtained is more valuable than any measure-

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3 Journal of the American Medical Association, April 29, 1899.

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The local treatment is the same as that of snake bite; the general