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The deductions from these experiments and from the nature of the isolated

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anterior horn cells, and especially of the anterior and internal groups ; the

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months old. During the height of the vaccination there

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tained. The surface and extremities are uniformly cold — the

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nocturnal return of the malady made me suspicious, and led me to

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A final indication is furnished by the weakened inner va-

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by this means it happens that small stones are voided together

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child has a four belch, or has vomited up four mat-

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best way, placed near the fire, if the season so require ; which

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rhagia often induce it ; and so does prolonged lactation, more espe-

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75. Biedl and Oflfer: Wien. klin. Wchnschr., 1907, 20, 1530.

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reputation of " being successful in doctoring children," will

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supra-orbital neuralgia. I gave her a few doses of paregoric and

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taken as in rearing the racehorse for the first twelve

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It will be seen that the Association voted that the names of Dr.

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The foregoing short historical review shows that this is an old

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assists to digest milk or other foods with which it is

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short time the cyanotic condition disappeared, and the woman again

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salary necessary to secure such an agent would be too

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It is to be observed, moreover, that, as in acute diseases

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value is the method of treatment by Massage and Gymnastics. This

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25th.—- Dartnir last forty^ight honra has had a dribbling of clear watery fluid

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tion and the warmth of the body were the only figns

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not chronic nature, and, consequently, is usually fatal.

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AtUop&y was performed by Surgeons Smith and Garvin

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cases of nervous diseases following injury result from accidents

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a toxic substance during metabolism ; fourthly, it should be an unfavorable

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after childbirth. Her labor had been short, but the midwife in attendance

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however, that the method used by Howard 2 for the preparation of

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oatmeal, stale bread, with the jellies, blanc mange with

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tions have been accepted in the following classification : — (i.) symptoms

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purest and most vital elements of the body. The best material of

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rectum, between five and six inches up the gut, and had been sub-

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more than a week. The second case was that of a lad, aged sixteen, who had

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OQtwards, and it may readily happen, when there is no deep-seated obstmetion