course is found to be situated on the exterior of the aerial cellular

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the changes in the heart belonging to Case III., and

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intervals as to overcome the pathological reaction of the brain, and

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entirely, a reform which has very largely cut down the work of

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to the body. This child was about ten months old and

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of the brain as expressed in the mind ; — not to diagnosticate

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of Clinical Surgery." Lectures II and III deal with "Antiseptic Methods." Lectures IV

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The physician rendering such service is, therefore, pri-

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well tolerated, with mild discomfort at the injection site being the main side effect. This vaccine is both

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it is to be hoped that its adoption will be checked, since it can

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(2) The treatment of the disease itself. (3) The management of those who

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however, if you can persuade the mother to nurse the

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presentation of certain subjects. Of course, some teachers may

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the whole body. The active principle of the oil, gynocardic acid, has

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conain coli, sed reliqua quoque iniestina terisionibus molestis afficiunt.

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maggots or flies, living in the stomachs of many ani-

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shell, and by all heavy missiles, the destruction caused is usually

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have, however, seen that, experimentally, tliis distinc-

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I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught

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visible progress towards recovery. At last, the fever quite ceased : the

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originating in inflammation of the cyst : in other cases, the fluid is

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became very ill and were killed in three-days. The lungs of all mice

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that hydatid has constantly to be borne in mind. If the parasite

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early elevation in temperature, it must be admitted that, taken

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so full as in the physiological; yet he recognises the

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feeling of nausea is produced. In cases of haemorrhage from the

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in the families you visit, you will see heavenly visions

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schedule. It will be seen that the general reaction following the first

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ten years and two months. In the Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal,

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— Mrs. Scott, wife of the late Prof. Scott, died on the 22nd

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tAvice a week if found infected. The urethra should be examined,

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is a disagreeable and unhealthy evil, on account of the foul