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one-half of 1 per cent. If now in many families more than one ease
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tives, but in no year since that time has there been any very great
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foods which supply the deficiency, while those who never eat cornmeal
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As I have said, one cause, though probably an infrequent one, of
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TABLE 1. — Distribution of Pellagrins and the Number of Families,
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are summarized in Table 29 to the end of the fifteenth year. The rec-
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when the oedema is limited in amount, as for example when the
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from the fat emboli, which in the smallest capillaries are separated
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has been in the past the subject most frequently selected for experi-
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form Aneurysmal Dilatations of the Trunk of the Vessel; oc-
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per kilogram body weight was given orally to six cats, at the end of
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size of the thyroid gland by palpation and to determine if there is any
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attempt to determine whether any deficiency could be demonstrated in
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ing the widening of the lumen, the vein wall is also thickened.
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cause of the sclerosis of the posterior columns of the cord, in a large
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down under a process of softening, to form abscesses or to discharge
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working against abnormal obstruction. Retardation of the interval
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containing some light staining chromatin. In the early changes observed in these
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were placed 20 c.c. distilled water in the tube outside the thimble and
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in rate of impulse formation as compared with the normal sino-auricu-
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diastolic 50. The blood counts showed 10,000 white and 3.900,000 red cells.
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The blood pressure fell to systolic 120, diastolic 70 directly after injection.
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been observed for a sufficient period to convince the physician that
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and making slight upward pressure. The sign is produced only
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of the vessel and extends to the periphery. The fibres of the connec-
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at the time the onset of ventricular fibrillation. The ventricular rate
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of mercury received, during a period of two minutes, 22? ex. of salt
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by cicatricial myocarditis and syphilitic changes in the cone of the
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ever, on certain constitutional, inheritable traits of the affected indi-
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