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true, but its mucous membrane continues to secrete mucus, and the

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size of the canal and the abundance of the liquid and gas. It

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Ijfe. Introductory Lecture of the Third Annual Course of

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led to the idea that they protect the parts from the pocks; but there

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distance beneath the skin a fragment of the President's coat.

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Case 3. I first saw this patient Sept. 8, 1883, 24 days after injury.

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blood-vessels or perivascular lymphatics. He also foimd them in areas

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were but few requiring hospitalization. This contrasted tremendously

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98.4" ; P.M., 98.8^ ; pulse, 66 ; respiration, 14 ; urine albu-

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ing. With this object it is important to administer as httle food as is

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produces such effect when the contractions have already started of their own

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statements of the patients themselves, the sickness and nausea

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!i. 'I lie Librarian -hall keep in the libraries a list of the names and

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et seq.) A dicrotic pulse furnishes a certain sense of after-beating to

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is, in the disease germs, a modification of the vital force, which,

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of the eyeball which is synchronous with the heart-

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visits ; last year the British Medical Association held its scientific

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June loth. — Reports herself "cured," and is loud in

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under the auspices of the National Association for the

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In addition, the system of disinfection in many Dublin hospi-

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on being waked, said she was "perfectly happy, but could not see;" she died

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importance were translated in addition to those already

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watched. The pulse is now 90. Secondary shock may develop

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Text-Fig. 4. Temperature and heart rate curves of Guinea Pig 10, inoculated

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fever, but with the same bodily changes as occur in intermittent and

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mic poisoiiinji] is sometimes the cause of mental aber"

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and its habitat, the genus homo and his environment have not received

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disease whose nature it is rather difficult to explain.

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which is peculiar to Typhus fever commonly begins to show itself^