sorption of Exudates. — These baths have been used with

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Why use a hot intra uterine irrigation, when a warnr'

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be applied ; the symptoms became aggravated ; the haemorrhage was

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ticularly great if, as sometimes happens, the opening extends

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substances to be considered in the selection of a drug for infiltration anes-

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December, lss7, since which time thev have been continued

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be framed for the game of football. In the " Journal " for De-

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quences of tlie ligature in instances of known diseased vessels — aneurism,

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dominal section." (Stephen .Smith, Operative Surgery )

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of influenza in the winter of 1889-1890, and again in the winter following. Afler

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intensive alkaline treatment, and a diet of which hashed

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it is surprising that Congress should be indifferent to the benefits con-

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icterus, it is necessary to discuss the effect of the exclusion of bile

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sprayed sputum that one notes in the case of dust ex-

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and put it on again in a day or two. If the itching proves too

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her return. The blood-count on the day of readmission to the

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table pain. There were 41 with inadequate pain control

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rate statistics concerning those suicides which are

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The Aromatic beverages are infusions of mint, balm, sage, catnip

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his journal, front page, at the top. When General Jackson received the same

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infant so emaciated, being literally a skeleton. It had been sick just five

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tumor felt somewhat fluctuating. The last menstrual

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to insurance companies and to any establishment in which the names

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his life. Her death, which occurred when he was a practicing physician,

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uterine growths as fibroma, myoma, or myofibroma. Accepting

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We now aiTive at a thii'd point — the position of

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When the spine, at the seat of these nerves, becomes affected

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with little change in the condition of the patient, and we were unable to

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scopical examination, was found to consist largely of pus. An

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and a more carefully extended examination, made the correct