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the mucous membrane remaining intact ; in the latterthe exudation takes

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insufficient, but the neurologist should be able to locate for the

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In both of these cases the shock consequent upon the

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inBuence. This depression is not in a direct, but in an in-

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bed for a day. On examination the patient was a well-nourished,

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around the orifice, and the external circumference. The latter

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or relations of an elongated or fusiform aneurism in the axilla, and if coapnK

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the ventral roots. Jour. Comp. Neur., vol. 19, no. 6, pp. 685-720.

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reached a great age in full possession of all his faculties, and the dramatist

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in the same body of troops, attributable to infected water. Three

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are ; and there is no probability that they will ever be

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erectile tissue under the t i 10Se w hi c h produce nervous inharmony of any

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every physician as a mental state distinctively peculiar.

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per cubic millimeter and the hemoglobin about 30 per cent, the

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and now strength and vitality are about equal to what they were previous to her illness. She now

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upon partly for the sake of control, partly for the purpose of pre-

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oxide gas. The animals coidd, as a rule, be kept in

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into 300 fragments, ^ ounce into 121 fragments. The latter were

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about the affair being an accident. " I know all about it. You

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elements of the body fluids ; and that it is for this reason

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I discovered an enlargement upon the lower jaw of the opposite

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establishment of free drainage, and, if possible, a modification of the

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tion therein, shall be deemed guilty of an offence against this Act.