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79. Preparation of Hydriodic Ether. — M. Serullas proposes the following
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Triger. "Memoire sur un appareil h, air comprime," Comptes rendus, t. xviii. 1864,
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trated with 239 Wood-cuts and a Colored Plate. Philadelphia :
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well as words. She was examined by Mills a few days before her death,
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Fig. 517. — Torsion of the pedicle of an ovarian cyst. {Montgomery.)
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An examination after death revealed the presence of
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1903. Hine, James S. Tabanidae of Ohio. Ohio State Academy of Science,
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Three subsequent long-term clinical trials also evaluated
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especially particles of food which rapidly decompose under the
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was continuously severe. The edge of the liver could not be felt, and
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free from tuberculosis, by being subjected to the tuberculin test
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The prognosis was of course unfavorable, and the treatment
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