of the deep muscles and fascia^ to the additional height of about two


but may be combined with the bromides as prophylactic

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necessary for its performance. The exact relative value of

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of disloyal and unprincipled politicians. Our country has become so

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starch solution (made by boiling) or linseed tea with a little

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was evidently a younir man. not more probably than 21 years of age ;

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his acquaintance while he was studying his [)rof<'ssion in Boston, and

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needs required in the performance of the vital functions. A

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Fellow of the Roj'al College of Physicians of London, and Professor

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Nervous System. — Usual therapeutic doses of these sub-

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The control of the hemorrhage during the operation is cfTected eitlier

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tention, he gradually sunk under the number and severity of his

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ed. Of these, 39 were recovered — 18 males and 21 females. Fourteen

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described about the beginning of the present century by Professor

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physician called in. He attended her for a year, and gave a variety

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A case in support of this opinion appears to me worthy of record,

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Chicago for their kindness and hospitality shown to the members of the Associa-

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Synonym. — Veratri albi rhizoma, white hellebore root, E.

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Schonlein, the learned physician to the late king of Prussia, had

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(1) Diuretics increasing general or local {renal) blood tension.

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ry Commission are ample and abundant. So far, the ratio of mor-

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Uses. — The indications for the therapeutic employment

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on tetanus. This condition lasted, more or less marked, until his

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body in water, and then added to the water twenty pounds of com-

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toxic doses, and not through the mediation of the central

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and render it unfit as a beverage for man or beast. It may

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of amyl nitrite. In chloroformization, give strychnine and

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dog, ia the lower bowel. An infusion is employed for

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sium or sodium hydrate an orange-red solution from which,

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the eflScacy of the North American plant called the Sarracenia purpu-

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aloes ; socotrina, genitive socotnn-ce, of socotrine.

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the preceding day. On the 26th the crepitation had disappeared

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T' was bully in the centre and red upon the edges; bowels

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increase the rate and degree of coagulation ; cod-liver oil,

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TxEFFiciENT ExAMiXATioN OF Rf.cruits. — The following extract from a

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sy ; vertigo ; rheumatic diathesis ; lumbago ; diarrhoea, chronic ;