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eyelids, which were so swollen as to render opening the eyes im-
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to 889 boys and 852 girls, most of whom were in the three first months of fife,
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According to a report of the surgeon-general of the United
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merit, expressions such as "outsiders," a]>plied to those who are not mem-
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tality ranging above sixty per cent. The disease in the
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other needles were passed in the same manner, and as they were suffix
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capable of producing "symptoms like those of diphtheria," but by the
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Pole Creek, June 2, 1894 (No. 139); Sybille Creek, July 8, 1894
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Mill, Maudsley, and Spencer, and became a convert to their views. He
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dition was in each case inflammatory, associated with impacted stone
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the Olmsted' County Poor Farm was established in 1868; three changes of location
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difficulties arise from the fact that mild discrete small-pox may
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situated back further in the moun.tains at an elevation of 5,400 feet
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Schneiderian membrane and be conveyed to the brain, and
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swallowing, difficulty of respiration, and irregular heart action indicate
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drug seemed to work very satisfactorily in small animals, but
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that of urea. The same is true in acute yellow atrophy of the liver, in
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Rh factor in blood transfusions, as well as in preg-
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Fluids shut in lax bags admit a contortion of these sufficient to yield all the motions
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they use the elastic stocking and elastic bands. In case of Bone Spavin
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conducted, the results of which are shown in Table 4. Sodium bicar-
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advantage. For this reason, we find the special jour-
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manifest such power of digesting and assimilating the
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the ignorance of the farmer of the present sanitary law, it would
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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was in charge of stretcher-bearers in an
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Taking the United States Census figures relating to liberal
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vitality, even being exposed to considerable changes of temper-
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kinds of cases that come to a dispensary or a hospital.
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The condition occurs in middle life, only a few cases
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measles. Previous observations, however, suggest that other bac-
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seton, though recommended by so good an authority as Mr. Bader, apt's aller ;
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bars of the cage. From four to five eggs will be laid,
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