Case I. Male colored twenty seven years old presented himself with a
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A cancer bacillus is as yet unknown in science and the
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Researches Upon Malignant and Grave Syphilis. Lochte Monatschrift f.
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inflammatory exudates interfering with the portal circulation
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to their chambers and especially to their beds whereas had they
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ration having taken place whatever and lt ud a drop or two
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A considerable amount of dyspnoea may prevail which cannot be
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omy for other purposes than the lemoval of ovaries.
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ing were groundless. Statistical conclusions when drawn from a limited
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Moral Par Celle De U Homme Physique we are told is more
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excesses were manias epilepses circular insanities and in the later
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Brain Surgery in Dublin. At a meeting of the surgical
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subject and of definitively settling many of the conflicting statements found in
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little give by the mouth but if. considerable Trismus give per rectum
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the smaller establishments and those whose patients have been
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disorders of breathing the peculiar kinds of cough the changes in
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Holy Scriptures for his science was Solomon. They tell us that this
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phate of morphia in solution beginning with one eighth
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severe pain has been alleviated a dose of oil should be given. One
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almost a bloodless appearance. The tongue and inside of the
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effects of cod liver oil on patients suffering from phthisis and stated
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from these seeds which offer the same assurance of purity as those
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chemistry by K which we call the velocity constant. It indicates
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with severe left ventricular dysfunction e.g. ejection fraction lt or
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size of a half crown communicated internally between the costal
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ity they become lodged against the lower border of the
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bing the spine or along the back bone with some stimulating
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thinks goes to prove that malignant disease excites the
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secutive case histories seen in office and hospital practice are given in the
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The alterations in the composition and quantity of the gastric
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Officinal Empirical and Dietetic Preparations with the Accentuation and Etymology ot
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The general bacteriology of this subject is given in the first
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coughed which was not often and noisy breathing at night while
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Governor s right is DHR Commissioner James Ledbetter