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larly efficacious one. Clever advertising had, however, succeeded in

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nary profession, both in the United States and Canada, journey-

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become valuable. > a volume of reports is to be issued next

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volume in the area diminishes, the veins empty, the whole organ

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second above reported had begun to swell, as it usually

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stance, iu 1875 Sir William Gull read a paper on " Cretinoid State

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person living in a northern climate, after the acquisition of catarrhal

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thologists, is idiopathic fever; many pathologists, 1 say, maintain that fever is

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must not be overlooked. Thus the initial lacrymation, conjunctival injec-

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seem that there may also be deficient reflex sensibility, so that in them

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Gross Changes. The bodies of those dying from severe septicaemia

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Tripier's experiments on strictures of the urethra gave immediate results

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are more healthy than ourselves; but if the above statements are

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Henry Edwin Rice, M. D., 647 Boylston St., Boston, was

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milk or other parts of them to be sold. The cadavers of animals

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a way that would strike at the root of the question and proclaim, as

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the nephritis of pregnancy. This symptom, moreover, cannot

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lished, all the nerve centres are greatly irritated ;

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times been applied to the inflamed surface itself, especially in

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carcinomata of the ovary. I described and illustrated special para-

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units in the open under heavy shell fire, working single-handed for several days. His self-

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Denise Ray (President); Jamie Isgate (OT Jr). (Second Row) Amy Bush (Treasurer); Kim Hatchett (Advisor); Andrea Burlison (Activities Director); Robin Sonnier (PT Sr);

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eafe, and Nature is unable to expel it in the ufual

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The positive and negative electrodes of an electrical machine

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tion and usefulness, and of the knowledge and assist-

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used it in connection with strychnine, phosphorus and iron, or

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diagnoses made merely in the laboratory, and none merely at the

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at which the hemorrhage occurs is determined by the degree

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calomel once or twice a week, which he usually follows

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(B) Possible causes incident to the preparation and administra-

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and moves downwards and towai-ds the middle line ; the cornua raise themselves

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6 The skin of the heel of the horse possesses very many

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T.C. McLure (plastic surgery), N.I. Mendell (dental

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paint the whole wall or timber. In bed-furniture, a


offering educational training and vocational counseling to

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and that air, perhaps, remains behind and is squeezed

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In '3405 s.l. Public general statutes affecting Scotland. (Scots

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Art Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Photographs

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thus defeating the anti-parasitic measures in ordinary use.

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generating or fatty necrotic tissue of the nodules. As might be

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1822. Dr. William Tully, on the Yellow Fever at Middletown.

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stimulus which it receives from the brain. Similar experiments to

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recorded a rainfall of 3.74 inches on 21 days, the largest fall in

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general paresis are not included in this estimate. I have

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marrow sampling reveals a moderately increased level of acid!

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on such test meals where very little or no nitrogenous

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your aid, friends, and the work will sooner appear, and be better in its

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daily, frequently prove of great service. Supposing there to be any

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normal glands : in the adult, leucocythsemia is almost always

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