was passed into the vagina. The intention was to perform ver-
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reserves, more carefully after each replenishing. If the man of
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September 3, 18&, when he was discharged the service.
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of normal consistency was reached. Macroscopically the mass removed
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signs. Lack of clinical recognition of the sickling episode
and it is a question whether it is justifiable to resort to the
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The child was sleeping and could not be easily aroused,
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its support. Each number contained from two hundred to two hun-
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and on the morning of the 9th labour was just commencing. It pro*
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3. A good account of the operations on the middle ear
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formed into pus-cells; and gave proof of his theory by the observation
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in the continued widespread incidence of lobar pneumonia have been
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which to apply it, we finally settled on the following simple technic.
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expressions by other recent writers, that the prognosis in any
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pe medicine cannot be proved to pass into the blood or secre-
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that engineers, deUcate instrument makers, mechanics, type-
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to hurt the little patient too much. I was not informed of this for
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edged that it was sometimes extremely difficult to find
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picturesquely situated in a deep, narrow gulch, on Clear
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ignorance of men, however, in regard to themselves is
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manifestations occurred and tracheotomy was suggested and de-
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women, the day of childbirth is the only day's hard work they have ever known.
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time to time since Bransby Cooper's day, in which the severest
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in this country, yet the facilities for obtaining it are so great, that we
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months, who had suffered from convulsions most of this time.
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centres in its progress, the cavity is necessarily contracted.
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moot, which were worn with perfect comfort, and great relief, but Uie
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parts about the attachment of the auricle, however,
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pain, it is practically impossible to diagnose as to whether a
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and not we alone are amenable to censure for the abasement to
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there were certain cases in which all the measures re-
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'Composed of three directors of this association, and a represen-
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The last series gave the following result : animals in heat box, five ;