sinuses of Valsalva, where the mouths of the coronary arteries
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invalid would hardly know him. When extra inflation of tlte lungs is injurious, can
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syphilis^ both interesting and valuable, and we would recommend
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In cases where the insane can be gratified with the enjoyment of what caused
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straight, with prominent supra-orbital ridges, rather broad, but
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and the skin greatly perspiring. After death, in addition to other appearances,
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suspenders also aid in breaking down and crooking the figure, and cause consump-
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spring, in four cases out of six, out of the smoked sublimates ; and
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as Dr. Fox himself remarks, it is a view essentially different
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method, and therefore appeals to the study — 1, of physiology ; 2,
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fluence of transference, and though these changes are insuffi-
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elastic, 1 am convinced that the labors and dangers of parturition may be materially
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urine, and what are the causes which operate directly in the
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rally females attribute vv<:ry future complaint to improper treatment at this period
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no food leaving the stomach even four hours after feeding, but
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Testimony to this effed might be multiplied to very great length; and it is most
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1868.] Report on the Health of the Navy, 1868-64. 807
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cessation of labour. Employers had fled from the town, and busi-
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is formed is to wait until the disease has got possession of the
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number of ingredients. Of how many different articles it is composed, it would be
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crease of the tumour is peculiar to the serous membrane. The
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cases of direct transfusion and in 35 per cent, of the citrate cases
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and so be enabled to prescribe for him with greater certainty of success ; at the
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outgrowth from the tissue of the organ. Thus, for instance, in the
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This little pamphlet contains the reports of five very interest-
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succeeded very well with the right leg, but presented the same
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