as carbol in oil, of one to twenty per cent., in glycerine, syrup, etc.

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lean beef, l lb. scrag of veal, i lb. of scrag of mutton, some sweet

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seeing the report, wrote to the Journal 1 suggesting

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The cause of any particular paroxysm in my judgment is divided, and

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the conjunctiva reddened; a discharge of mucus from the nos-

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Calicolo is beyond question a great treatment, and every physician who has not given

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wait to see what other cities were going to do before taking action

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increased accommodation for the dissecting room and by establishing a library

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the older veterinarians that our history is so replete with evidence

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was sublime, stated that he had acted upon his own initiative

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cocci have thus far met with Little success, so that the weight of opinion

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Some Problems for the New M.O.H.— D. V. Currey, M.O.H., St. Cathar-

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The infrequency with which tuberculosis is encountered renders it

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whereas the [a] D of our samples varied between —2.25° and —3.45°.

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white poppy seed, of each a handful; boil these in white

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cools more rapidly than the slide and may accumulate an oversupply

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maturely ; and most frequently while the placenta still adheres to its

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tion by practitioners and students of the great importance of accurate analytical methods,

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^ "Rasscn und Geisteskrankheiten," Arch. f. Anthrop., 1907, Bd. vi. Heftc

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the thorax, or chest ; 8, affections of the abdomen, or belly.

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to be described below. The joints were never enlarged, nor was any