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In it no dressings are employed, but the raw surface is

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in vain so long as his neighbors' hogs are dying. Animals are

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sure to augment under the use of the bromide, while

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whether one of their causes may not be acute rheumatism.

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That this disease spared neither age, sex, nor condition,

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of physical inferiority. Of these, 84 per cent, advanced into the fifth

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rare occurrence in cachetic patients with severe diabetes. William-

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As a treatise for the use of the practitioner the volume

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1 Thermometers cost from $9 per dozen upward. A good serviceable thermome-

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it is equally obvious it must not be near the source of

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1 Balfour, p. 197. 1 have had no opportunity of referring to the original, Beitriige

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(2) The digestion of starch by taka-diastase is ac-

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difficult and unsteady, so that he had to be accompanied to the hospital by

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logical inquiry maintain that experiments on living creatures

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patient, who at the beginning of the treatment bore very well five

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and pulmonary artery ; for example, syphilitic marasmus, carcinoma,

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always strongly warned against indulging in occasional purgatives, and

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each other in showing how fully they appreciate them

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tumors are so varied, according to their location, that they

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contract marriage. This question has been discussed in almost every

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