Diagnosis. — Acute inflammatory glaucoma, ending in
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sion of the sacro-sciatic ligaments, it being less on the
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fect convalescence from the same disease. It would be
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is, up to the present day, the one generally accepted.
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ral ligament is injured the horse stands with the foot and limb
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Case. To the foregoing might be added the case of M.
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delivery should take place about November 19, 191 6, and was booked
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Commode cliest: A box containing a bed pan, chamber pot, urinal,
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Alternately a tea of oak bark, tormentilla and cen-
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tion, will receive commissions as surgeons in the Eoyal Xavj^ and
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in such a manner as to lessen the pain, and keep the joint at rest.
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observed in animals after its injection into the venous system may be plausibly
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such as ours may be due to the parenteral digestion of protein by the
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Case II. — Intussusception Reduced by Injection of Warm Water.
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to have reached the enormous sale of ico,ooo cojiies
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vocal fremitus. When the consolidated areas increase the sputum contains
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a desire to make use of the questionable muscles and
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President John Swan, M. D., then delivered the degrees to
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strength unexhausted; the irritabihty of stomach partially remained, and there
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some of the tuberculous tissue must remain. It is interesting to note
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ent affections, and in the former, when it was on the
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there was very little diminution in the size of the spleen, and the
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chlorid was administered on a compress in order to perform a tra-
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per cent. And in lung capacity there is a difference of 8.36
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muscles of the buttock three times in the first twenty-four hours
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the age of seven. No child during the period of its
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a rascal!" and ridiculed me. So, afterward, I led him
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head ; and it is important to note that in a considerable proportion
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to think of the effect on the reading public at large of
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proper treatment of the local lesion from which the toxic substances are
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we may confidently trust to its use in all cases of new growth of connective
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1822. Dr. William Tully, on the Yellow Fever at Middletown.
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and then spread with a fluorescent layer of gelatine containing
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Serum and cyto-diagnosis are also shortly dealt with. The feature,
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Sanitary conditiouH in the rtinallfr > >'i, ri
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