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margin of the lesser wing of the sphenoid and the ridge of the petrous

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in decreasing pathogenicity. Such is not the case. It must be confessed

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so far kept in control by the vaso-motor nerves that no

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or severe purgation is not to be thought of ; chloral hydrate, in 20-grain

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them, but frequently lead them into danger. Also, when we

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an epidemic at Sebastopol. In 1873 it was in Berlin, 1874-76 in Prag and in

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preciate the sensation of a child leaving its paternal home and going

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The neck is considerably swollen down to the suprasternal fossa.

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men will ever change from the system which is so familiar to

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Cranston, Providence (1754), 5940 — Clark, C. K. (Fiskeville) ; Lawton,

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was prescribed, to no avail. A few intramuscular injec-

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patient can therefore steady himself with a stick or otherwise. In a more

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surgeons in securing the edges of the skin of ruptures and

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acteristic of the disease in its full development. I

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Diagnosis. It is often a matter of difficulty to discriminate be-

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antc-nioitem fractures the broken ends of the bones were

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70e. Cast of the Right Hand of a Boy, in which there is congenital ab-

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awhile. Hard work agrees with it, and coarse fodder stimulates

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speare how some boasted of their idol that he (Shakespeare)

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anemia could be benefited by food of some sort. The feeding of liver

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Clinical Diagnosis, — Chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.

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which permit him to recommend a modified proceeding for operations on the

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for alcohol ; while the patient is in one of the stages of the hypnotic state

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judgment, are far from being sustained by the largest ob-

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12 g. Recrystallized first from water, then from acetic acid, the sub-

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C. B. Keexan^ M.D. — As far as could be made out from the sections

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Nelson of Brainerd planned to retire about September

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sensible to pinching or pricking. Any pressure of the muscles, on the other