air ; they are not accustomed to such air; surgical patients,
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for the development of pyaemia — viz., the process of suppuration
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the corps, and to act under his orders. The bearer company must
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his life would be limited to hours, and yet, through skilful nursing
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When a man is struck on the epigastric region, he catches his
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membering Cruveilhier's observation, Raj^mond inves-
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tritous, delicate, a whitish-gray color, giving the im-
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number treated, 181 ; number of physical examinations, 1.
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tone, can be tried. And then, where there is no disease of the
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cavities ; the nodes, or neoplasmatic productions which we find here,
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By the opsonic index, just alluded to, is meant the ratio of
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the sac took place, there was no reformation of pus, and the patient left the
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those who are to undertake tlie care of human lives, or are to
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instead of one-third was stipulated to be the wife's portion. Although a man,
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object clearly in view he examined thoroughly, and recorded
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previously, in one of the batteries before Sebastopol, and had been
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day the parts treated should be cleansed with a brush and tepid
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get a first glimpse of the powers of accurate observation, the keen
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— At the annual meeting of the Trustees of Cornell
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Triger. "Memoire sur un appareil h, air comprime," Comptes rendus, t. xviii. 1864,
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is very characteristic. The pain is always referred to the front of the
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est in what is needed, and in the dangers resulting from the
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It is especially to be noted that accumulation of chyle in a wound,