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place of hot-water rags, bags loosely filled with bran, chaff,
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acute nephritis of childhood is of the croupous pneumonia type ; the
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be administered in very small doses. A centigramme [the seventh
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for this purpose, and Professor DieckerhofF has this clinic (at pres-
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On the whole, then, it will appear that the presence of primary
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tation is allayed. After all inflammation has subsided, the can-
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liver, where there was a feebly-marked hepatic flexure. This
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and confirmed, for we are told that while the gonococcus thrives best
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tinct. sanguin. canadens. M. 9., tinct. opii. M. iij. M. terin die, seems to be be-
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ma Tsenioides. Parasites in the lower air-passages. Lxmg-worms of sheep,
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from NaOCl with the formation of NaCl. This is, in part, the ex-
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tricular walls. In Case 137, which occurred in the practice of
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halves constricted tightly. The cervix was divided immedi-
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the value of the latter is due to the proteid as well as to
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drawing up the knees. This pain radiated to the right
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prefrontal area induced paralysis of the head and eyes of exactly the
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and a real abscess formed, by opening which an exit was given to a
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case 3, the diuretic efllsct of the remedy was apparent in an increased
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by severe haemorrhage, and death in the ensuing night.
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this is too late to be of much use as regards that particular outbreak and
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may show agglutination for all the variants in dilution of from 1 : 200
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" Making due allowance for the circumstances which determine men of dif-
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Over seven thousand dollars in prizes for exhibits and essays relating
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I believe that in the future study of climatology greater
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was afterwards merged into the 5th Battalion of Incorporated
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