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When we reach a slightly lower grade in the pharmacopoeial list —
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ARTHUR G — , ast. 3, was admitted into the West London
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remedies, which I take in turn. For example, I order
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this the case when the foot is mutilated by paring or cutting away
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Mr. Nesbitt. — Where you are administering the Quarantine Act,
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IS'ile and the Zambesi, nor anywhere on the eastern side of the continent.
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June 23, 1888.-29. Steell, Graham. Medical Chronicle, 1893, vol. xviii. p. 1.-30.
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of time, or to the production of simple suppurating sores which act
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pass in this conference that one, recommending the enactment of
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liver, kidneys, and brain, three months after death.
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said also that he had administered the anaesthetic in this
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is put in by means of a wide board, or two put together
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value and increases the profits in proportion to the labor
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use of the drug, Hallopean thinks that now that the effect of the new
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organs of these united twins, it must be evident that only a small quantity of
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lying causes and treatment of hypertension and arterio-
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Arnozan. " Herpes gestationis," Arch. Clin, de Bordeaux, November, 189.3.
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prove exceedingly obstinate, in spite of any treatment that can be
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definite visceral manifestation or other distinct localization. He refers
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the iris acts slowly and almost imperceptibly when a strong light is admitted to
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fested itself in the city, and taking into view the fact that the schooner
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Captain and Assistant Surireon. is relieved from duty at Fort
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the interior to cause the instrument to sink perpendicularly below the level of
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were given wnthin eight hours, in thirty and forty-five grain doses, and six baths at
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affection may be cachectic pemphigus, as in the case of Dr. Leudet's
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Of the five hundred cases, we therefore lost, at the smallest
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since. She is now in perfect health, the enlargement, of the
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if I tax your patience somewhat by references to matters that
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are not already well read in the subject. In short,
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THE general directions already given for keeping infants in health
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The average annual death-rate represented by the deaths —
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ing ; some were in favor of venesection in certain cases, while
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holic or venereal history. Sciatica about five years,
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Lateral and Posterior Sclerosis, Ataxic Paraplegia) ; (c) Pellagra ; {d)