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Wing was added on the site of Nos 1 and 2 Mercer Street.

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blood-pressure before and after labor was also measured. The

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so. Treatment is generally of little value in these cases, but after childhood

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<J. Roy. Micr. Soc, Lond. (2), Apr., p. 213. [W% W m , W c .]

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tremely tender, stir into the mixture a spoonful of flour

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If the room smells fresh on entering, it contains no more

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It is nearly two years since this operation was performed, and

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poultices are applied to the chest, and to the calves and to the

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in part upon the peculiarities of the disease itself. As regards the

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boiling which was usually adopted for their destruction, the

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„ consolidation of, and intra-thoracic growths, 95.

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hot or cold, wet or dry, changeable or steady, or otherwise, did the diseases of