ties, which many times relax it, and hurt its Tone.

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of Saffron and Cochenele abflraffcd to the thicknefs of

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Saffron-colored Cups, has a bulbous Root, Leaves of

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full of joints, at the feveral diftances whereof grow

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Post-operative Notes (June 2, 1919). — Anterior sinus closed;

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and are very fair , large and green, divided into 4,

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ally fo called. It has a Root which is long, thick,

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way, we find a large neoplasm about three inches in length correspond-

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primum \^Gaitiand Cruciata ; Bauhinus calls it Cru-

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Leaves at the Joints, than.thofe below, and branched

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fmall leaves for the inner and middle alio, and al-

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the transition from the despair of their abandonment among

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ney, and boil to the thicknefs of a Syrup , to every

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Sciatica, Weaknefs of the Joints, and other like Di-

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nitrite, amyl nitrite, etc.) may be tried as recommended by Barker ^'

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Leav’d Myrtle. This grows in its Roots , Stalks ,

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gives eale in the Gout, Cramps, 'arid Convulsions, and

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and 1861 Dr. Kinney studied in Paris, London and Dublin, re-

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niger SanicuU folio major , to be Sanicula feemina :)

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Copper Vefica or AlembickTiri d within, in Balnco to

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Swooning Fits, Sicknefs at Hearr, ill Digeftion, &c.

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Parkinfon fays the fmell is fmall with us, and not fo

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The Pharmacopoeia Germanica of the sixteenth century describes

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All thefe diverfities are found in this one kind, all

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uncommon. " Wagner in eleven hundred cases met only three

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the thermometer rarely throughout the entire year above 72° or