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Other parts of the state in whicK there is not sufficient
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showed that there are many features common to the two conditions.
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contractions is accelerated, namely, narrowing of the arterioles.
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in six days (Rossbach : Langenbeck's Archives, vol. xiv.).
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favored, and resort to them for consultation upon points which,
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encephalic operations in a manner which is somewhat different from that
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for the contrary is, that the real necessities for the
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the entire sulcus of the other, and while the sulcus may be inter-
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An exploratory 'puncture is one of the aids to diagnosis which
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extending " three or four lines." To accoimt for the nutrition of this
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advantage, though he has never employed either of these methods.
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interfere with complete oxidation, the excretory organs
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curring in young children. He believed that a better
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that in both mothers the confinements were at an interval of less than
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on contact; could hear very loud voice only a few inches.
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ploy. The surface is on no account to be wiped, for the grafted portions of
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left ventricle flaccid, not contracted, and containing some fluid blood ;
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speech and hearing. He began to struggle after the first few
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Folsom, of the Massachusetts Board of Health, went over a large
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September 3, 18&, when he was discharged the service.
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and the mucous membrane as well as the skin is swollen so
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parts of the body, cerebral disturbance, a general state testifying the
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nicated by a rabbi during the rite of circumcision. (He died
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in wliich it is so clearly indicated, were it not that its apparently transitory
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sorted to, to conceal the deformity, and although they frequently
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the lip swells, the tumor suppurates, and if the injections are systematically
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or any solid at hand. This method he says rarely fails.
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the first dangers should be escaped from, a healthy reparative
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equalise the tax on aoi^etJes, with a view to meet the fore-
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tubercular deposit of a yellowish colour, about three inches in i
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considered that a practical hint might be derived from this
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spreading branches and reddish-brown bark. The thin, narrow leaves are from
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the superstitions of the American Indians ; and among other things he
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circulation and a steadily falling blood pressure with severe toxaemia is a
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sands of specimens of beef from many hundreds of bodies of beeves,
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impression of the serious local symptoms must be imputed to the
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hospitals, having medical schools attached, allow qualified
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Catarrh in an equal degree; and was obliged to return to port to