they are heard most distinctly over the right ventricle, and over the

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particular. This abnormal lack of resistance in the walls of the veins

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over the surface of the aorta near its origin. No change more marked

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pointed out one of the most striking examples of pathological symmetry in

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the rung after birth. It is then called congenital atelectasis. In other

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whether the malady have led to ulceration and to ozsena, in the nar-

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brane. Of course, the exudation in these cases was originally liquid,

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icterus occasionally caused by poisoning from chloroform or ether; for,

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more bile is prepared than the bile-ducts can accommodate, and that

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cutanee de la region fessiere. ficho mid. du nord, (1903), 7, 115.

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width of the cardiac dulness. Upon auscultation^ instead of the first

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also single bulliB may be interspersed) which simultaneously

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The stool from the third treatment was unfortunately destroyed without examina-

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pleura, which causes the latter to seem as if lifted by froth. These, air-

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ease is indispensable. It has been customary to prefer the use of hy-

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will not expand to a size equal to more than 28 F. The largest

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or nearly always remain, are hardly to be regarded as rendering the

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Upon auscultation, unless the heart be h ypertrophied, or in violent

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admit the insertion of the end of the little finger into the narrowed open-

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toration appears, which is generally described as pathognomonic of con-

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described, except suppurative hepatitis. After a time the patients

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give the same proof of its non-existence. There are various possible

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great reputation. This teaching is much opposed in the treatment of

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(Case of surgical treatment of actinomycosis of the lungs.) Trudi Obsh.

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Acute intestinal catarrh runs the above course when it affects a

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3. Lastly, ascites not unfrequently accompanies extensive degenera-

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and a thin, mucoid sputum was expectorated. His face was congested and anxious

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