graduation have personal experience in practical obstetrics.
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The abnormal growth in cases of hypertrophy without, ns well as with,
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observation after recovery during periods varying from one year to thir-
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Circumscribed collections of sero-fibrinous or purulent liquid are usually,
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characteristic of these affections. The blood-changes which belong to
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ner, February, 1861, and died on the third day after his admission. When
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It is no sufficient objectioti to this hypothesis that these are
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tionate to^the quantity of poison received into the system. Here is a
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between pleuritis as a primary disease or as a complication of pneumonitis.
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We also wish to call your attention to the following preparations :
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others between whom and such individual no communication,
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interlobular or interstitial emphysema. It arises from rupture of the
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Ov^oo^ooooooto^^oooooooto o-o e«e«<opeioooooooooc>)t-i
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process beneath it, this process requiring several days. These facts being
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by the use of the cod-liver oil and proto-iodide of iron, with the
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of medicine, or general patholog}^, called Symptomatology or Semeio-
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skin hot, and at times bathed with copious acid perspiration ;
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dyspepsia, particularly atonic dyspepsia, that form met with in
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abates the soreness in the lung-s, improves the appetite, and impedes
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^'Its popularity is chiefly due to its irreproachable character''
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pulmonic orifice, involving contraction or regurgitation, in like manner,
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enter largely ; second^ the use of tonics and stimulants to render the
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the special cause of cholera efficient, the prevention involves prompt at-
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stndy of the great problem of crime and its punishment comes
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of the respiratory movements of the glottis on that side. The embarrass-
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be directed in determining whether the disease be or be not present, when
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detected in the act. With many, no doubt, dirt-eating is a symptom only
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the symptoms of gastric ulcer. Perforation of intestine, connected with
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systematic works on diseases of the nervous system. — Boston Med. Surg. Jour.
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veloped, in some cases, a few hours after death in a remarkable manner,
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certain, and in 32 cases the existence of gastric ulceration was more or