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prognosis of such transient cases. The fibrillation in four of the cases

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of urine in relation to the total twenty-four hour amount. The columns at

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in the case of blood is the number of grams of oxyhemoglobin in 1 c.c.

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tion, or a later period in the history of heart disease.

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Of course, variation in amplitude (decrease or increase) may be balanced

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The atrium of infection markedly influences the onset and course

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unequalled of testing the comparative morbidity of different types of

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different tests are seen. In some of them quite marked evidence of

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The sample of digipoten also seemed of good strength, the lethal dose

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and advances, that is, yields more rapidly than in the case of mitral

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always connected with the galvanometer in such a way that the

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To arrive at a proper understanding of the subject it is necessary

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pensation is not always under control. Every practitioner of experi-

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total amount and percentage concentration in two hour specimens col-

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marked dyspnoea, but breathing may be shallow, or even arrested.

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ease itself. Not infrequently there is some swelling of the feet and

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cases after total extirpation of the goitrous thyroid gland. The chief

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with the endocarditis occurring in association with rheumatism the

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and the result of the first intraspinal treatment on the cell count is

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12. France — Diseases of the skin and the nervous system ; bad teeth.

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fibers in the dorsal spinal root ; of neurons of the second order degen-

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styptics in nsevi situated on the head, as the coagulation excited has

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eral organs of each body were averaged and compared to Case A. The

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rial blood and increase of venous blood is felt in all organs of the

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3. Conditions of life or constitution of persons confined in such a hospital

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Fig. 13 (Plate 13). — Feh. 11, 1916. This curve shows complete dissociation

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leaf are too few in number to permit of drawing conclusions for that

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definite substance, and that an asthmatic attack sets in every time this

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fectly lined with endothelium and all of them were full of chyle ; the

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disconcerting is in the formula for dextrose, given as GH 6 Oe four times within

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commonly during certain well-known seasons of the year, but individ-

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slightly higher than the mortality during year of onset in this group.

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skin. Such slight causes are more likely to operate on a part whose