is not like the symptom-complex of tetany, as given
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infected, as well as that of all men who have recently slept near
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normal tracing ; the former indicating an increased and the lat-
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breaking before being given to stock ; if not broken to a
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from the skin must be sustained, until the kidneys are acting
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and impressible. During the most intense period of the malady lipothymia
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false or extravagant claims must be made for them. They need no
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in the beds and attics of boarding-houses, shut out from the happy
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between the attacks, patients appear well. Trousseau
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tracheotomy tube had to be removed and cleansed several times,
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glands. In some mammals, the hare, the buccal mucous mem-
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passing the flat palm of the hand down the limb. It was occa-
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The Loss of Horses under Fire is alwaj'S greater than the
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in the front and the sides of the chest that she was incorrectly thought to
Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.
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forces, statistics have proved that after such occasions glanders ac-
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F. W. Larson, F. J. Kennedy, J. M. Nelson, J. F. Thomsen, J. E.
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rhoea, collapse, cramps in the limbs, intense abdominal pain and
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be decided whether a structure has been obliterated or has not been
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known as ovarian grafting. I cannot do better than quote Morris
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tic dactylitis. Under these circumstances he placed
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cluding the middle-ear cleft) it would be well to considei the changes
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Brazelton’s study were trained by age 3). Parents of enuretic
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rangements for the disposition of the sewerage. No satis-
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ment ; later, after perhaps two or three weeks of favorable
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both sexes, at all ages, though children seem to be especially ob-
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Besides these tubes there is a tube of similar size graduated into
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wards runs a chronic course. Or it may happen that the fever
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freely, and was completely disoriented. Fifteen minutes later he was entirely
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Wash the rice thoroughly in two waters, after removing any specks that
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perature. In cases on the verge of collapse, the use of very hot
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Renovation of Liquids by a Current — Experiment — Absorption of Liquids