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pains in the legs and a sense of constriction about her neck.

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At this stage, there is little if any constitutional disturbance,

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CASE 3. G. A., private, U. S. Marine Corps, 26 years of age.

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secondly, as an organ of heat regulation; thirdly, as an organ

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[Translated for the Boston Med. and Surg. Joiirna', from the Juur. fur Kinderkrankheiten.

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organisms capable of producing erysipelas ; but they have also shown

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spinal column. The spine had been ground to pieces and pushed

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deeper, the somnolence disappears, and the skin assumes a reddish color.

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than to the septicaemic type of pneumococcus infection. Inasmuch as the

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the cause of death was known to be gastric in eight,

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can already point to such names as Welch, Councilman,

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The wooden trough splint is simple and fairly efficient (Fig. 115).

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tubes, which communicate with the ear, and 1he gut-

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meter to test for astigmatism at one meter's distance. The author

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quently in places where germs would be abundant (marshes, etc.),

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to the subjacent structures, painless and non-pulsatile, was found.

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last edition of the U. S. P. The chapters on "' Eemedial measures other

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Figure 1. The small oval deficiency may be closed by approximating the long sides

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each method Avhich it is Avell to bear in mind. These have been investi-

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national president, the members of the National Board,