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their successors. Monks and priests, up to this period had

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difficult and unsteady, so that he had to be accompanied to the hospital by

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soundings were resorted to, but no stone discovered, and an examination

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work should fall into the hands of any proprietor of a

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Nearly one-third of the book is devoted to diseases of the urinary

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absorbed in this way. Turpentine, when given in large doses,

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twenty-four hours, about five ounces of fat are digested. It may

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8. The wound or wounds should be treated as thoroughly

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A change of work also permits of rest, especially with mental

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monary artery, and in the smaller bronchi the blood is returned almost

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seizures, limited to the left limbs, and apparent inability to speak,

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pertaining to individual and public health and the prevention of disease

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was a free communication betwixt the town and those

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sified, and kept up the now denominating neurasthenic disorder,

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Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered

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quency is not known, as many doubtless escape recognition.

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"Public Health Advancement During the Year," J. W. S. McCul-

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cessful operation, so far as the operative procedure

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and original. The suprapubic operation for the removal of

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1882 BATKiCAir. AxrBXO G., M.B., 64, Longridge Boad,

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of carbonate of soda. It is a valuable article in the treat

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The following is an interesting case of albuminuria apparently unconnected with