United States Government (which exercises supervision over vac-

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ing, that in the Labour Department, seventy-seven of the males had

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that the meat has no chance to decompose, as in either

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by a near physician until November, 1877, when she came into

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Mrs. Collins, who has a family right, gave him a course

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astringents should be injected up the nose. Carbolic acid, one

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I have since used quinine as an anti-spasmodic in asthma, and

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minous, but not always for reason of the great value of the papers

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— ^where, therefore, the national policy in education

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in attendance over a long period of time, the best that can be hoped

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those who wish to attend, and a bill providing for an

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by Dittrich and Traube, who specially called attention to the

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If our abused native cow was treated half so well as her

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and the blood escaped into the peritoneal cavity that the symptoms

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months, besides visiting him every day. The doctors

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opinion that the affection incieases or decreases with

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and in one of these Porro's operation was carried out with a fatal termina-

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wife. But, as is juftly obferved by Levret ?, before fo

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foetus. A similar demonstration has been made by Armanni and by Avirag-

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I, 2, 3, 4. Human Dissection. — The student makes a complete dissection of

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and quality of the anatomical papers in the Journal, to be followed

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inclines to the view that he wrote them in English, this matter

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contagiousness or communicability — was the disease taken

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of assigning any one essential element in common, is worse than

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though rough ; and on the right side, the dulness is less marked and the

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Should the disease extend from an infected locality, a careful

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studies after graduation is, to say the least, as crying an evil as de-

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increases in exercise tolerance, probably due to its ability to

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fittest medication for the ills of life, irrespective of its source

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body is found to be above the usual standard. 5. Medicines which di-

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until some time after the recovery of the patient, but the

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Leber, who by his observations on the cornea has added largely to our knowledge

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receipt of your ABC book, I -went to the garage and