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together by the people under the general name of " Sana,^^ which includes

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nearest physician may be located many miles away and a

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chief attention was the acute hydrocephalus, and by this title tuberculous

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It is gotten along nicely in the face of wars and depressions

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which is wanting in order to rendir the work complete. So long a period has elapsed

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ever, finds it but a part of his ordinary experience to

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4. Folin, O., Denis, W., and Seymour, M. : The Archives Int. Med., 1914,

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wiU toka his wall hand to adjust the wounded one; occa-

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the Treasurer's accounts for aqua vitae, flasks, etc., and one entry is for money

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parasites or any evidence of scratching, but we do in-

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the germs spreading rapidly find lodgment in some weak

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During the outbreak, a vessel containing a reliable disin-

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by passing through a flame three or four times. (2) Drop on to

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speaking of septicinmia, and it is only in that state

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more marked than before. The incisions above and below the eye were

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and sharp cutting pains indicate bryonia, and there will be

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and social workers should be privileged to attend, and grants from the

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entertained. I quote Gilbert Ballet's summary of Bou-

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kind that the disease will turn out to be dysentery, though at the

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and posterior to the tonsil ; it was as large as a hen's egg. An

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store. We recently declined a proposition of this kind, not

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attacks of abdominal pain, not always severe, and, to begin with, only coming

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rience by attentive study, often times tortured into us, as it

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The radius is pulled down, causing an elongation of the

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bring it in contact with organic substances such as cork, sugar, alcohol,

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Paris and London, and on sewage-farms, are comparatively

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Lifting weights will cause dropped kidney, and any sudden

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