larger medial portion consists of medullated fibers and enters

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The general and local symptoms of acute glaucoma cannot be too

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treatment in hospital. The constitution of the patient has become

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originated largely in ignorance. The doctor does not

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cases of nervous diseases following injury result from accidents

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duction of such a treatise as the present. The disease, gout, to

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better, and the reason for devising the concealed method was

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ascend to nearly that point. It was evident that an

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b. Scrofula and tuberculosis. Meckel brings the two diseases

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may be presented without producing bubo and still leave the patient

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test his own voice by the acuteness of hearing of nor-

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rhage From Thoracentesis • No Time to Listen and Talk to

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adipocere. The bodies under the surface of the water do not undergo

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cells in the battery and was very fallacious, because when the

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influenza, although in the surgical wards, six abscesses of the rectus

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spermatic vein might succeed in curing the varicocele; but the

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tion than might be thought at first glance. He says^

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spent the remainder of the visit cloaked in uneasy silence,

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a dentist and as an aid to physicians in the practice of medicine, John H. P.

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that, if treatment of the eyes does not benefit such

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Hendrix, McPherson, Person, Mcintosh, Rundles, Silberman. Others ( alphabetical

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These ships must not in any way hamper the movements of the

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cology ; Alopecia ; Enuresis ; Hydrocele and Varicocele ; Solvent treat-

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causes the fever. We know that a fever destroys the vi-

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* Jiirgensen, Croupose Pneumonic Beobachtungen aus der Tiibinger

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ders are in a tolerably healthy condition ; 3, in cases where the stone is small,

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pH of 6.0 while the curve for Na2S04 rises at a pH of about 7.0 or 8.0.

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all others, to insure the success of the remedy, extend the