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are fatally injured. In the case of crushed wounds of the extremi-
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Symptoms. — There usually comes on very suddenly, perhaps in
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secretin was present in all nine cases of non-diabetics, but
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body is the complement; it is nonspecific, and is not increased dur-
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Henry G. Sutton.' While former writers, and not a few
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The diseases reported within the ten years are comprised in the
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on the cliff, or your lion in his lair, the egg in each case is the source
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sera of the Lister Institute. The enmlsion of B. ti/phusus and B. para-
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between the amount of nitrogen and sugar in the urine of
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ant surgeons of the U. S. Navy, and all of them were commissioned
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appropriated for the Committee on Medical Legislation.
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improperly and negligently. When they do — or when they are
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governments is relaxed by the caprice of vain and foolish princes,
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winter, often find it very hard to heal the cracks. Common copal
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in the ascending frontal convolution, where it was immediately sub-
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icine purges easily, generally without colic, at a rela-
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By J. Halliday Groom, M.D., F.R.C.P.Ed., F.RC.S.Ed., F.E.S.E.,
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the action of HCl n/1000 showed no positive evidence of stimula-
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the pressure. It is idiopathic in its nature; the causes are not well
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goes on to say that a few years ago such a case would be con-
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some other indigestible stuff that will not mix, so that your patient
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caustic effect will, of course, terminate in suppurative inflam-
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(0.15 mg/kg) 30 minutes later if required. Older patients
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inquiries come from prospective patients themselves.)
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blood, give him wormwood and sage tea or rosemary and