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degree of Doctor of Medicine, before presenting them-

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exposure to a low degree being equivalent to a shorter ex-

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ing detail would carry us beyond the limits of this Summary; but we would

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of the pectorals of both sides, v^^ith the exception of the clavicular


so well denominated pyihogenic by Dr. Murchison. It arises from the

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cable upon rational principles. Faith in drugs is almost

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To this can be added two pounds of powdered charcoal

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the patient passed as much as 1,076 oz. of urine in twenty-four hours,

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now feel that their operation is incomplete until the

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to arrest the progress of fermentation, to destroy its active prin-

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that it will be fenced off from the healthy tissue. It then resem-

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the American cases the white spots had later developed into typical morphoea

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the most annoying and frequent complications of broncho-

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to arrest the growth of the tumor had always been regarded by me

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appearance of the roseola and extensive buccal, labial, and vaginal

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the December number of the Journal, an error occurred. It was

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sulphatis, potassii sulphitis, aa 3 i; aquae rosae,

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*HICKS, Herbert D., 63 Green St., Boston — 1879. M. D.