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close our hearts to all necessary suffering. The resistance of the

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speaking of septicinmia, and it is only in that state

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In spite of this trying experience, he kept at his work,

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surrounding the amniotic membrane, and in direct connexion

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an}^ physiological action, and therefore affords no philosophical

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* See pajfagss from Dfi.ClJLLi.l:i^3 Pt'iiBice nf Ffjj^

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of 60 per cent., and had formed a decided opinion against

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Mr. Harwell's care September, 1872. She had previously been under the care

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bits' serum be heated the complement is readily destroyed, leaving

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place. The reason of this is very plain — the cause

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mal must be put under treatment, for it is very rare that this dis-

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shoulders, spleen, skin, liver, fore-feet and hind-

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that its very constituents are disease, weakness and

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Whichever may be the correct explanation (the first, or congestive

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We now pass to another consideration touching the cause

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That the muscles of ordinary respiration are liable to this form of

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same time, if there be a disc of light before us, a pencil from a tear or from reflection at

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mation of the nostrils and bronchial mucous membrane, together

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of loss of the reflexes. The muscle tonus is only the

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portant. It has the task of preparing the gall which is

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4. Resolved, That we recommend to the consideration

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At the same time, for rendering a patient merely semi-anesthetized

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one standpoint The patient was the wife of a physician, whidi natu-

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"Observations on Yaws," 3Ied. Times and Gaz. 1880, vol. i. p. 368.^ — 3. Chaklouis.

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the eleventh rib, but was followed by no satisfactory result. At

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;he United States Government Hospital for the Insane; by Philip E. Garrison, Bray-

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Sec 4.— The Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the Society,

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sometimes needed as one appears to be losing its eflect

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food, in cases of wound or parturition, the first impressions on the nervoas

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This was most remarkable on each side of the larynx, adjoining to and

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capacity of the wards has been utilized and sometimes taxed.

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