abdomen showed that there were no gall-stones, the appendix v/as normal,
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sociation, June 5th, 1900, in Atlantic City, on serum-therapy in
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When a hernia has once formed no very active treatment of the tumour
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Following the early report by Dahlgren and Nordenstrom
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perature 104, headache, vomiting bile, restless. 19th — pulse
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ebullition commences, at once withdraw the heat, lest
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Pig. 6. — [Microphotograph) . — Perforating wound of colon which underwent spontaneous
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Rectal route: Place the patient on the right side, flex the left thigh
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about ten large, irregular white patches diffusely scattered on the surface; in
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Gargles are also useless in children, because they seldom reach
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