tained, with precision, the exact direction of the aitery by means of the
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had lost three brothers and sisters with cholera infantum. The
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He also spoke of a large number of infecting sores in medical
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other toxic and irritative states of the nervous system,
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Abner E. Gore, 1I.D., University of Louisville, Ky., 1858.
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it causes degeneration of the epithelial cells lining
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James F. Wilson, Cholera Infantum. 5^'''''.^?,^^??'''"' E ectro-Magnetism.
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skin is marked. One year ago she weighed 253 pounds. Her
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experienced in the right iliac fossa, with occasional vomiting.
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» Physiologic des Menschen, von Friedrich Tiedemann, Lehrer der Ana-
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vious lesions favor the development of tne primary dis-
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with the malarias and administered antiperiodics, using as far
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of the salts of lead, where they display themselves, prevents me from always
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all through this essay, endeavour to prove upon principle, that there is very
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rennet ferment as well, and in these cases the gastric
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which constitute the chief part of such apparatus, and on which we rely to
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the cornea had been destroyed in two hours after the first application of the
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a quart. She ceased drinking only twenty-four hours before her admission,
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changes her position frequently. The acetate of morphia was directed to
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The third step is the union of the two urethras, done
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an ovisac. This vesicle is the " couch interne'''' of the graafian vesicle, as
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From J. B. Estlin, Esq., F. R. S., Surgeon to the Institution, — Twenty-
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picoline du coal-tar qui disinfecte, peu importe au fond,
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tom of the wound, and yet no particular symptom appeared affecting the
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observations, hoping thus to secure wider publication.
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surviving wives (excluding No. 1) in my own series and
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45. — This article has appeared elsewhere. See The Journal
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ance is prepossessing. The department of " Original communications"
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ported the case earlier to the Six Companies, tne brother of the de-
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The edges of the wound were brought together by four stitches from before
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and assisted in obtaining the necessary histories. It is be-
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session of an observant and properly trained mind and
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colon covered the lump. My own diagnosis was withheld be-
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To illustrate this point, let me cite the case of a man
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transfers the invention of the instrument from London to America." Who
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mental examination of an applicant for the discharge of a
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Guthrie. H. S. Cochram, H. P. Jones, A. S. Yenni, E. H. Walet,
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long time ; male, 29 ; motor and sensory paraplegia, vesical and
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65. drcnmclBlon. — Mark pleads for the more general prac-