5. They are then washed off with sterilized salt solution or water.

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hundred horses in eight minutes with very little practice.

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number of bacteria are eliminated through the bile.

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Mason. Chas. ¥., first lieutenant and assistant surgeon.

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ship took quinine; ten returned sick the same day, chiefly suffering

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pain. The use of morphin should not be delayed, for the pain in itself

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introduction by John Harley. [Read Nov. 14, 1882] <Med.-Chir. Tr., Lond.,

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of cure. In fact, the greater security lies in the judicious

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fected material, inclosed in various wrappers, such as

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It would give individual and motherly care for the frail, ill-

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causes a loss of agglomerating power ; at 80° C. this power is entirely

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It is but seldom that astringents are needed or are to be

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relative dimensions of the new blood-worm and F. nodurna. Until the

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"I have satisfied myself of the accuracy of this by my

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all earlier works on the subject."— Intro, to Stein's Rajatarfigini,

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favourable circumstances the bacilli of tuberculosis may be