ioo° F. Where we have oedema of the lungs, — a patient
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of the skin itself. Meissner* says that these elastic fibres form a
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with the concentric rings to be the cause of the trouble; de-
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per pound, 175. The various species belong to the genus
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of typhoid fever Avhich occur in subjects previously infected with malaria.
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of food to meat-juices and albumin-Avater may be tried.
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by its sudden onset and severe period of invasion, followed by a remis-
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(8) Treatment of Individual Symptoms and Complications. — Headache.
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pulse, dry, brown tongue, and diarrhea). On the other hand, if recovery
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of these — almost exactly half — it was found advisable to tit an
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from seven to ten days; but complications and previous infirmities may
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tomaiy physical signs. Large and small nodules may sometimes be felt.
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to prosper, until suddenly they yielded to some intercurrent
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the kernel is bitter, and should be avoided in eating them.
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which keeps up the diarrhea and favors the spread of the inflammation
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the various elements required in the life and death of the tissues, but
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serious one, rest it absolutely one month in every three months.
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The serosa is thickened and adherent, and the ulcer may penetrate through
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combined with the reflex stimulus conveyed to the nerve centres gov-
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Physical signs, as a rule, first referable First referable to apex.
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the muscles ; they also restore the latter when it has been used up by
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aimed at, in accordance with the principles enunciated, and which it
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— Tuberculous Cattle in Europe and America — Necessity for
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lows that the water of the warm bath will cocl off quite rapidly during
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tion of the property residing in the tissues of compressing
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Dr. Carl Sihler, of Cleveland, Ohio, was so firmly convinced of the
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other phenomena, particularly the Widal reaction, will suffice.
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tending to the smaller bronchi is common from the irritation of aspi-
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iu a large neurological clinic at Boston I had the opportunity of
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in dropsy. Partial affusions were applied — warm to the head in inflammations
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good for the tuberculous and dyspeptics, and they are also of
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104° F. (40° C.) quickly, after which it is decidedly remittent in type,
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calculi of uric acid in one attack, and altogether I am afraid
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tion to any special micro-organism. A number of cases have been
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inhaled directly from the cylinder until relief is aiforded, when it may
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less transparent, and finally the movements cease, until the vessel is
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ghost, which has so long affrighted timid practitioners, to rest, the
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sipelas. In a few instances pneumonia appeared early, being due most