If there is oozing from the depths, it is best to disregard it for the
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A Belgian soldier was observing the enemy, when the roof on
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may be jaundice, and, if gall-stones be expelled, they are to be found in
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tion in the treatment, and not the particular remedy given, which affords
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Evidently the absorbents are at work after death. How
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ciple contained in the resolution referred to, in the July number,
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With respect to the operation, Mr. Eriehsen performed urethrotomy
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The total of deaths, according to the post returns, is 24, the annual,
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have had unusual opportunities, not only for considering deformities,
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microscope. Probably the nerve to the tendo Achillis
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Correspondence may be addressed to Dr. McIntyre, UMDNJ-
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knowledge of the intimate structure of the body had
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Great White Plague. We can greatly reduce this drain on our
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principle one for internal use is the acetate and this is usually combined
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and excessive urinary reaction be corrected, as I have stated
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a benign intrathoracic goiter.'* In 1953, McArt cured the first
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consequence, these amputations are usually t^-pical, for one does not
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The patient's habits were good. She had had chronic polyarthritis with
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the most radical surgery must shrink. We can hardly
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ence on the Prevention of Infant Mortality, the purpose being
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now being such as to preclude the occurrence of any
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Valsalva there was an apparently old dot. The ascending aorta was
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delusion. George Haven Putnam, in his work entitled
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the beginning of the paroxysm. In my own experience I