Osier's cases were typhoid, pneumonia, phthisis aud

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for registration purposes. Thus England and Wales is divided

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possessed had it not been for the tight, high collars occasionally dic-

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solution in water of the supposed alkaloid is placed in a small china dish, and after evaporation

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January 11, 1838, at 7 o'clock, at the residence of Dr. J.

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swelling beneath the scapula, determined this to be the site of lodgment,,

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To illustrate '« Some Experimental Observations on Perforating Wounds of the Abdominii

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of treatment ; but we must admit, likewise, peculiarities of constitution and tem-

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Tiu>tuii:>; ouc :icitiier :m* nor any othier treatment

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of a breast pump and fed to the child a few drops at a time with a teaspoon.

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cylic acid precipitating. It is then recrystalized and deprived

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results from violent efforts in these affected tones, and that severe

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Lea's Series of Pocket Text-books, Anatomy : A Manual for

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plexus where they seem more liable to originate, they sometimes grow

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less gastric disturbance from time to time which she described as

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fifty-fifth annual meeting of the Association will be held at the

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typhoid fever, which culminated in the death of the

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Dr. Langer took, between the 10th and 20th of September, 1887,

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to the right. Pain has left the right hand. Toward evening the dress-

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general physician in mental diseases, and greater sympathy

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every day, without regard to the weather, during an entire

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cerebrals, which course round the crura cerebri to supply the cortex of

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who were attacked have succumbed to it. Oat of 46,000

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itself. This, at least, would appear to be the opinion

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used is the standard, a rod six feet in height, with a movable

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bowels regular, and she slept well. Notwithstanding

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Patients should not be operated on for choice, either when

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to the Woman and child than by aiiy other method. This

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be said here that in this, as in the experiments to follow, several of

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*Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky State Medical Society, 1S96. For discussion see p. 185.

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The following cautions are not inapplicable to the pre.

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their progress, and the urine may contain evidence of

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theless even if we are personally unconscious of this as

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large globules of degenerated myelin. That a, figure 17, repre-

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far from 2,000 individuals make use of the gyrnnasium

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an inch to as much as an inch in length, proceeding from the edges

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discharge increased to four to eight ounces daily, when a horse-

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the literature of smallpox and of Preventive Medicine with

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in the rare case of osteo-myelitis involving one or both epiphy-

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