To take materia medica first, a student is required to attend

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Half of them were then inoculated with typhoidin powder "T4 (new)"

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2. Whipple, G. H., Cooke, J. V., and Stearns, T., /. Exp. Med., 1917, xxv, 479.


peritoneum. Should the inflammation have a tendency to extend to

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cent of statistics available. While a pupil of the ^^ienna Univer-

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where e = the amount of carbonic acid in cubic feet

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bonic acid — Champagne, sparkling Hock, and Moselle, and sparkling

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Until 1599, the custom continued in France, and until the time of Edward

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of vomiting which had recurred since the New Year. This he

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sugar utiUzation. Others^^ have thought that this combination might

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fibrin in the chyle and blood. There is every reason, indeed, for the

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In the field the pressure is too great for elaborate attention to be

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early as possible; and in most cases the action of Mercury in

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the emeu from the others. The first specimen I received was the liver

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a few of them could be thorou^y treated, even in the early stage,

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che owner of such a horse to believe that a constitutional attack,

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Case II : Mr. O. W., aet. 47, was first seen in May, 1902. The family

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♦Sulpho-vinic acid (bi-sulphated oxide of ethereum) = 2 S +

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blocking the messages sent to the brain asking for more

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the bacillus butyricus is one cause of the butyric acid

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with indistinct eruptions ; but the whole surface presenting a

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upon the rib. Pursuing my investigations, I also made out that

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tion whatever between the premature delivery and the

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At the close of the great rebellion I was consulted by a Union sol-

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founded with Continued Fevers, nor with Pyrexiae beginning in

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patient. In the treatment of lateral spinal curvature the author