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Ten remained awake during all the treatment ; some of these,
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administered by a skillful physician. There is no case where a tonic treatment is
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and occasionally through the day. This will be found a good
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patients in a true and scientific manner. In their failure, they
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Living frog removed from the stomach of a woman. 381
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Section on Gynaecology, Dr. A. H. Harriss, Wilmington, N. C.
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lost for a time after the injury, without absolute in-
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be nearly equally divided in regard to the compara-
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rium consecrated to the tuberculous poor. In Austria,
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of the Association in regard to it. That body has an
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Animals brought up in a Eed Water district obtain a
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injecting into it 4 '5 per cent of its weight of the urine of a healthy man.
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of cartilage with their perichondrium were firmly attached to the
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ribs. This had existed six months, with vague colicky
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Such elimination, however, is now finally disproved.
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This seems to belong to the western slope, where, in the fertile
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of nature in the restoration of parts is fully established and
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ear. Hence the crepitant rftle is peculiar to no one disease, as was
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duced by the purgative medicine. We must either suppose
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As a general rule, it may be said that a i)atient who
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why such an important document should not become generally
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humbug side ; and I must be borne with, if I seem to bear some-
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30 minutes when another piece of liver is removed, the splanchnic
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intense, desquamative, general dermatitis in which, as in the more
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persons, and that this same organism may give rise to severe and
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of a1:)sencc from the Town Council to proceed to London, where he was " in howpe
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"While saying this, I do not doubt the plan works successfully in the Com-