Physicians sliould carry a sterilized needle in a small
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experience and he suggests a number of means by which the goitre
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Translated and Edited with Notes and an additional Plate, by Clarence J>
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cited circulation, as in loss of blood or plethora, obstacles
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Education must be an unfolding and not a repressing process.
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matters of lunacy, who shall be properly paid by the
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But the objection on the score of comfort is not the
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fined, as a rule, to the musical interval of one-fourth, whereas the
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usually negligible. Out of the entire number vaccinated, only
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so firmly into the human skin as to need a little force to pull it off.
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region. Over the tumour the percussion note is dull ; but
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beneath the waters of the Cumberland. It is situated in
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ABMNig the eaneee of death we notloe :— Brjdpelaa, 4; albnmlnorla, 6 ;
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bring in as many good cases as you can at any of the
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past year and voluntary gifts: Fellows of the College, 14; other
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ordered, fail not to apprise her of it respectfully, and offer your as-
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narrow bladed knife through the cartilage and inserting a probe through
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headlined in The Minneapolis Tribune: “National Health
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the excessive use of alcohol, was found in only ten of
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and every stumble are, either directly or indirectly, the
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Barger and Shaw ^ found that the ratio of toxicity of the tincture
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thereafter they are all bacteriologically infected and all the more so
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nous feel, admitted of hardly any motion, and was apparently at-
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from this plant somewhat similar to the syrup de capillaris.
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new discoveries in the egg (1671). (2) Three letters
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warnings of cerebral congestion. In addition we notice general
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Anemia is the one disease in which iron is of use. Purga-
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character of the inflammation, the deeper tissues remaining in the healthy state.
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on the back (1). Inasmuch as we have already seen that vascular
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similar to that which might be produced by puncturing