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the custom, and still is bj' some obstetricians, when haemorrhage
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Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood, On — Shrier op974
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has scarcely been known. Again, at tho Orphan Asylum at
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E. Faral, Professor at the College de France; Editor of
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of the abdomen to project, the form of the tumour and its concomi-
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ence is, and at present must be, given to those in whom
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adoption of voluntary health insurance, by improved
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for this department of medicine has made but little progress since
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Fig. 112. — Comminuted fracture of the tibia and fibula. Part of shell in situ. Belgian
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the nerve to which they are connected. They may be due occa-
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will involve the cranial nerves. The course of the disease is a very
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creased gradually as the patient's condition demands.
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femur, the bone had elongated an inch and a half, and we had not
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frequently. These symptoms are especially frequent in women,
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sometimes obliged to give a somewhat larger dose, say, for
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with a pair of good eyes, and a brace of ready ear*.
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ments in support of the allegation that there is in fact a substantial
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gree. If you bear in mind my remarks on the progress of rickets,
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was sublime, stated that he had acted upon his own initiative
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(40 grs.) of quinine and not much less of antipyrin daily. On the
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mine so closely resembled that of pyrogallic acid, chrysarobin,
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Both upper lobes of the lungs were dull, with no apparent excavation. He
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For instance, he tells us that the velocity in the capillaries is thirty
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and that the operator leave the room at once on the combination of
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with the first experiment, this kitten received 2 Yi times more
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in women fad on the firft days after delivery •, this is
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125. Mourao GS, Hodes JE, Gobin YP, Casaco A, Aymard A. Merland JJ: Cura-
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