Montclair. Correspondence may be addressed to Dr. Jewel, Direc-

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biological interest. We find illustrated here the familiar fact, nowhere more

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legal and within the power of all the States to make. In defence

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rative tract. The inflammatory changes in the iris, ciliary body, retina, and

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is characterized by an insidious onset, slight anemia, pe-

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But it is of the work of the Army with the soldiers at the front and

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diluted with about the same quantity of water. The patient was

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sign does not occur unless a coil of intestine is much distended

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Douce tells usf that certain figures in bronze, coral,

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Double optic neuritis is also, I think, more frequent in tumour.

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Even a single fibre of the brain is itself an abyss.

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Another line of investigation, however, also led to tumor

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open field. The fragments will be more numerous, and therefore

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are then slipped over the patient's arms, and the torn edges

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senses much affected. Oil was then given internally, and the wound

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moment that the lesion was formed; or by leverage to

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In the studies at Lakewood all effort syndrome cases on the cardio-

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The fluid in the vesicle is colorless, clear, or slightly opalescent,

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pathological anatomy, embracing at once the universe

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and those that are long, like an eel, and alternately

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every case of true neurasthenia, and cure most, even without simul-

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before the American Medical Association, June, 18S9,

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vascular occlusion occurred in association with pelvic inflammation, these

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tions under which the ancients worked, this miscon-

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of stone or brick, from which the missiles, after striking, may

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up with inferior accommodations. In defence of this system

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been made by his family physician of this city, and not by the specialist

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ate vicinity of the staphylococcus colonies to exhibit any demonstrable anti-

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addition to the usual full description in the te\t , are

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peroxide of hydrogen, chloride of zinc, Van Swieten solution,

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the signs of a rapidly progressing marasmus, in addition to the

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a bigger dug-out, with a profusion of sand bags, that does for the

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pact organs. Yirchow has attempted to distinguish ordinary

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of those who have the conduct of the child in charge. In short, the

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red corpuscles live is not known ; neither do we know where

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ing, 1891, p. 69.-29. Grkenhow. Royal Med.-Chir. Soc. Trans. 1862.-30. Guinon.