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irregularity of the heart, pressure in arms and legs, weakness, tremor
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counties, to report to the Secretary of the State Convention, on the
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from one dose of mercurialized serum is greater than from one dose
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divination. Why, the interpreter asks me for advice,
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pump earlier. Aside from the medicines, which, when taken
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one died young of consumption, another of tubercular peritonitis,
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left ventricle flaccid, not contracted, and containing some fluid blood ;
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is entirely superfluous and should be replaced by a simple outer
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more natural tint, the pulse becomes more and more distinct,
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compared with those suffering from toxic symptoms, and in whom
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for half an hour. Mix one tablespoonful of flour with an equal quantity of
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The other counties of the southern tier are reported to us by Dr.
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Manufactured on the Sea-Shore from Fresh and Selected Livers.
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skin characterised by an indurated and scar-like con-
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following a period of enforced rest. An attack of hemicrania
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too slippery and spreading, too thick or too under-
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local neurosis is an expression of an impaired, disordered, or
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Upon the snggestion of Mr. Meakim, after discussion, the Committee, with th«
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ing a renal origin no one will deny, but that they result from incitations
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Like the other animal plagues it follows in the track of
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attended with a slightly swelled, smooth, red, glossy state of the