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can it be caused by simply skin inoculation : it is only

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ton state is compiled by the Washington State Medical Associa-

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three months after the commencement of the experiment, killed No. 1 and

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there was no chance for any treatment. Of the remaining

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was in none of these epidemics, imparted or communicated by conta-

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gence ; that vivisection properly practised is a necessity

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ease, and our principal aim should be to restore the function of

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urally to divide itself into two heads, viz, , stricture in

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duced flexion, now produces hyper-extension. In the meantime,

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(wasting). In some cases, the foot diseases, so common, are of

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evacuations, induced either by a rise of ordinary water

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Extract from the Report of the Committee upon Adulterated Drugs.

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cornea. Absorbents have been tried in them. Those ignorant

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exploring the uterus of the cow in this disease, he will discover

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Associate Fellow, College of Physicians, Philadelphia ; Correspond-

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fession will be flooded with incompetent members, and its re-

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